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Project You Collective is a Professional Coaching Program designed to support women who are looking to turn their their life's most impactful moments, the highs AND the lows, into talking points that inspire, educate and illicit change- and get paid to do so! 


PYC empowers you as you to clearly define your message and shows you how to build a digital platform so that you may successfully establish a brand, business and mission that is true and authentic to honoring the story of who you are, the journey you have traveled and who you have become.

We believe:

  • EVERY WOMAN (who wants to!) is worthy of getting paid to share her message from the stage

  • Every woman is infinite and over-flowing with purpose.

  • Every woman is capable of turning their most defining moments into a message from which they can inspire and cultivate change

The Project You Collective is committed to helping you take any and all parts of your life, lessons learned from your personal journeys of overcoming, and unique experiences,  and turning them into clearly articulated, professionally branded platforms from which you can speak your truth, inspiring and motivating thousands, while getting paid for it.


Rebekah Gregory


My name is Rebekah Gregory. I’m a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor/amputee, international speaker, author, and founder of Rebekah’s Angels Foundation.

The first step in defining the story you want to tell, is believing that you can. Throughout the 4 sessions in phase 1 titled "Find Your Voice', we will first, pinpoint the root of limiting beliefs to access your full vocal power. We will set intention within your healing process that ultimately enables you to speak from your scars and not your wounds. We will clarify how to turn your life's most impactful points into talking points in order to articulate your story effectively, into a message that sets you apart and sells.

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Jessica Buchanan


Hi. I’m Jessica Buchanan, and I am your "Reconstructionist" for the second phase of PYC Speaker's Academy. I’m a NYT bestselling author, podcast co-host, professional speaker, teacher, writer, and most notably, a kidnapping survivor who was rescued by SEAL Team VI. 


In phase 2, we will get to work. We will discuss your goals in becoming a professional speaker and memoir writer, and by the time you finish your four sessions with me, you will have a killer keynote for your paid speaking events, or a completed book proposal to start shopping around to publishers. I will share all my experiences with you in the world of authoring my life story, and turning my mess into my message!

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Loren Buchanan


Hi! My name is Loren Buchanan and I'm your phase 3 "Designer." I’m the owner of a freelance marketing company, military spouse to a Green Beret, and mom to a beautiful baby girl.


In phase 3, we’re going to create a brand for your speaking platform so you can effectively communicate your message from the stage to the digital world. We will discuss your digital footprint, branding basics, and best practices for social media growth and website management. By the time you reach the end of your time with me, you will be ready to launch your own brand with a clear message that is authentic and truthful to who you are, honoring the strength of your inspiring story and the courage it takes to speak it out loud to the world. 

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Your Professional Speaking Career!

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PYC Speaker's

12- Week Program consisting of Live Zoom Sessions with an intimate group of like-minded women who are ready to stand up, speak out, and get paid to do so.

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On Demand

10 Transformational Coaching Sessions you can watch (and rewatch!) on your own time and at your own pace!

Personal, professional and branding development at your fingertips!

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12 consecutive 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Rebekah, Jessica and Loren, PLUS office hours to workshop ideas and receive feedback on keynotes speeches, TEDx Talks and book proposal frameworks.


"Moving mountains in my life..."

"This is what Project You tells us, 'You always have to go back to your why.' You have got to go back and ask yourself, 'Why do you get up every morning, why do you want to make this into a business? Why do you want to help people? 

And TODAY i am excited about it...

Project You Collective is moving mountains in my life... and I'm so grateful."

- Mary Herbert

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